Breast enlargement through hypnosis isn’t new, extensive research has been carried out over many years, with some very impressive results.

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Along with the literature and products available today, Lazzaro reviewed all of the past hypnotic breast growth research, and found areas that weren’t as effective as they could be.

Looking to develop an effective and efficient way to create breast enlargement, Lazzaro experimented by adding and integrating his own framework and techniques and the result was Hypno-Breast-Growth.


The fastest and most powerful method
The vast majority of breast augmentation hypnosis available today is only available on CDs or MP3s, and all need you to listen to them several times a day. And, if you can find a hypnotherapist that offers breast enhancement hypnotherapy, they want you to commit to 10 sessions (or even more), as well as listening to their CDs several times a day.


None of these options are time or cost effective.

Lazzaro has pioneered the fastest and most powerful method for making cosmetic changes in the body using the subconscious mind, all within just 6 sessions.

“I have had amazing results. I have had an increase of 2-3 inches around my bust. That is 1-2 cup sizes!” – Susan Doyle-

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