Concentration And Memory

Hypnosis can help to improve concentration and memory

Perhaps you are having difficulty in concentrating, or perhaps you already have this skill and would like to take it further. Whatever the reason, if you want to improve your ability to focus your attention on something that you have selected then hypnosis can help you achieve this.

States of mind and body

When you are focused on something you achieve clarity, tone and a firm grasp of the subject, and you find that any possible distractions do not get through to you. When you are doing this you have achieved concentration. For us, the word concentration refers to a combined state of mind and body, a state of being in which you remain vigilant and focused.

The structure of concentration

States of being each have a structure, and the state of concentration has its own particular structure. In other words, every time you concentrate on something you set up your body and your mind in a particular way. Most people do this quite unconsciously, which means that it is a bit hit or miss. And when it’s a miss we say we cannot concentrate. If we knew exactly what we did to concentrate successfully then we could do it every time.

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Learning to concentrate – easily

Fortunately, most people can learn to bring such structures into conscious awareness. Once you have done this you can learn to access the state of concentration at will, easily and reliably. To access this state is to be in it; so you can concentrate.


Having a better memory – easily

In a similar way, the state of mind you are in will affect your ability to remember. Any kind of anxiety state tends to ‘frazzle’ memory, especially short term memory. So we train you to be able to be more relaxed, and to find the specific states of being that work best for you to improve your memory


Changing the structure

It is also possible to make changes to the structure; making it easier to see things, to fine tune your behaviour and to get a better feel for what you are doing. You will then be able to bring about and maintain your concentration and also improve your memory effortlessly. We can also use a state of light relaxation to ‘recondition’ your unconscious patterns to make accessing and maintaining concentration an unconscious function.

NLP and hypnotherapy

I make use of hypnosis and NLP to help you make these changes. You can learn to use NLP to learn more about how you concentrate at the moment, and to make any useful changes consciously. I use hypnosis to communicate with your unconscious, developing the automatic features of accessing consciousness. These techniques are easy to use, and most people find them entertaining as well.


  • A state of mind and body
  • There is a structure
  • Learn to access the structure
  • Learn to make any desired changes to the structure
  • Learn to make it automatic and reliable

How long will it take me to improve my concentration and/or memory?

This can vary between individuals, but on average we find that most people need between two and three one-hour sessions.

Concentration and memory van both be enhanced with hypnosis and NLP.

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