Stress and anxiety, money concerns, relationship issues, bills, family, lack of time, medical concerns and work issues can equal anxiety for some people.

Emotional response to anxiety ~ being anxious can cause excessive worrying, feelings of dread and fear, and an unrealistic view of the situation or future event. Anxiety can also impact relationships, social life, work, and family life as feelings of restlessness, unease, and irritability develops and increases, sleeping may be impacted and lack of concentration and focus becomes stronger.

Physical response to anxiety ~ anxiety can impact the body from muscle pain and tension (back and neck pain), headaches, sweating, feeling sick, stomach problems, and heart palpitations, racing thoughts and impacting sleep.

Generalised anxiety disorder ~ this is generally a long-term condition and the anxiety, worry and fear is a constant feature in day-to-day life. Feeling anxious maybe related to a wide range of issues, as well as unsure what is causing the anxiety. The feeling of anxiety may be irrational or disproportionate to the actual event, or source. You may know this however the feelings of anxiety are too strong.

Phobias ~ Phobias are fears which are disproportionate to any real danger. Fear of spiders, flying, enclosed spaces, heights, dogs, dentists, and needles are all common phobias. Phobias can also cause a lot of anxiety, anxious thoughts and feelings in the body.

Panic disorders ~ Panic disorders are an intense period of fear which appear suddenly without warning and usual this develops into a panic attack. There may be triggers for the panic attack or they may appear with little or no warning.

Post traumatic stress disorder~ Post traumatic stress disorder occurs if a person has witness or been involved in a traumatic event. PTSD symptoms include anxiety, dreams, flashbacks, recurring thoughts, memories of the event. PTSD can also suddenly appear after many years after the actual event which can cause a lot of anxiety.

Social anxiety / social phobia~ For a person who experience social anxiety, it become difficult to be in social places or be part of social events where they fear they may become the centre of attention, worried people will speak to them in a group, and worry that they will be judged, embarrassing themselves causing anxious thoughts and anxious feelings in the body.

Hypnosis for anxiety

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