Sunshine is the universe smiling upon earth.

Enjoy it and pass on the smile to others. Feel your heart smiling and allow the smile to follow through to your face, eyes, cheeks, mouth and lips.

Give your gift of a heartfelt smile to others as it may be the only sunshine they receive that day.

What type of morning person are you? Do you rely heavily on the snooze button, then get up in a frenzy, rushing because you are late? Do you bounce out of bed, get ready and rush out the door? Do you welcome the day with anxiety, depression, or stress? Or do you take a few moments to welcome in the new day and embrace positive thinking?

How you wake up and get up in the morning can set your day. Rather than rushing around how about take a few moments out just to wake up and greet the morning.

Here’s a great little exercise to help you to have a great day!

* Take a few breaths and breathing naturally.
* Put your hand to your chest and heart
* Imagine and feel that your heart is breathing in and out
* Think about your intention for the day
* Do you want to be kinder, calmer or more relaxed,
* Do you wish to set goals, or appreciate and celebrate your achievements
* Continue to breathe in and out of your heart as you visualise your intention for the day
* Don’t just think – feel it in the body.
* Now just feel your heart is smiling a beautiful warm sunny smile.
* Feel the warmth of the smile spread throughout your whole body.
* Get out of bed, with a warm smile not just on your face but your whole body.

Now get out there and have a great day!

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