“Don’t get bogged down by the mistakes you make in your life
as it only keeps you in the past.

Start to think what you can learn and how you can grow
from the mistake and implement this into your life.

Accept your limitations but also accept the wonderful potential
you have as a unique human being.”

At some point in your life you have said the wrong thing, did something you regret or not fulfilled a promise. You may think “why did I say that?”, “what was I thinking”, “can’t believe I did that”, “If only I could rewind my life and do it again”.

Although you feel frustrated and dislike making mistakes you also allow yourself to get stuck in the past, reliving and rerunning the mistakes in your mind over and over again. This simply leads to stress and anxiety.

When you focus on the mistakes in this way the body listens and responds and may create even more mistakes as this is what your body believes you want. By doings this, you beat yourself up and create even more suffering to yourself.

You can stop this cycle of mistakes and suffering

Accept your limitations of being human. By this I mean humans are not perfect and you are not perfect either. I do not know one person who has never made a mistake in their life. Realise you are allowed to make mistakes in this life as this helps to create a realisation of what you want in life, creates life lessons and growth to help you understand yourself better and the world around you.

Give yourself permission to be human, give yourself permission to make mistakes. Learn to accept and forgive yourself. It doesn’t mean you are not trying your best – it simply means you are human.

Mistakes can lead to growth

Do mistakes make you want to give up or ignore them and throw in the towel? If so, the opportunity for growth and improvement is wasted and the lesson lost.

Rather than focusing on the mistake and getting stuck in the past and self-blame – start to think of the mistake as an opportunity of growth. Mistakes mean your are living your life to the full, trying new things, testing new waters.

By changing your focus and energy towards growth and understanding helps to create confidence and courage. Ask yourself these questions:

“What can I learn from the mistake?”
“What can I do differently next time?”
“Is this mistake a pattern in my life?”
“What does this mistake say about me, my life and my relationships?”

Growth leads to happiness

Growth is an integral part of happiness. If we do not accept and love the part of us which makes mistakes how can we be truly happy within ourselves?

Nurture that part of you, speak and care for it like a child who needs guidance and support. Fear of making mistakes can hold you back so with this new understanding helps to create change and new opportunities.

Tell yourself (and believe it!):
“I see mistakes are opportunities”
“I am human but I also accept my wonderful potential in this life”
“I am beginning to accept myself and all the things I have said and done”
“Today I choose to let go of my past and create new possibilities”.

This life is a precious gift, you can begin to live your life with courage and determination to help you to discover your true unique human potential.

Live….be courageous….create understanding…..create opportunities….AND ENJOY!

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