Each one of us has a different pattern, my one hour of customized audio CD is based on your persona and is recorded uniquely just for You.

It is very important to understand that what you are listening and transmitting to your subconscious, is going to affect the way you act afterwards.

There are thousands of sites online where you can buy hypnosis CDs, do you know what you are buying? Well let me tell you this, I have over 25 years of experience in the music field in Audio design and as a Music Producer and Composer. Audio frequencies transmit waves that our brain translates into emotions, and the way each one of us perceives the audio frequencies, (sound=emotions) varies from one person to another, this factor is very important because it affects your lifestyle.

I will give you a very simple example: your pants can fit another person, but how about your shoes, your T-shirt or your jacket? They can fit too tight or to lose on other person, it is the same for Hypno-Music. I need to know you before I create and start recording your Hypno-CD, and for this reason my CD’s are audio designed to completely fit your persona. How? I will get to know you by reading the questionnaire that I will invite you to fill out and to submit to me. Your answers in the questionnaire will provide me with a clear understanding of you’re 5 senses, this is exactly what I need to know in order to understand your conscious and subconscious mind, which is ultimately you.

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Your Hypno-CD Consist of:

One Hour of unique Hypno-Personalized Script with Reinforcement Suggestions for your specific needs. A Professional Original Audio design Customized for your persona recorded with Music and Voice. Shipping and handling: by mail or by email audio transfer.

Please be aware that if your particular issue is not listed, do not hesitate to contact me anyway.

Anxiety – Depression – Addictions – Fears and Phobias – Blocks – Insomnia – Fertility – Self-Confidence –Stop Smoking – Motivations – Weight Loss – Jealousy – Adolescent Issues – Concentration – Stress – Sexual Dysfunctions – Healthy Relationships – Childbirth & Pregnancy – Set & Reach Goals, and more…

Tell me your needs and I will help you by providing the best results for you 100%.

Be the person you want to be and start to live a better life.


After you complete your order, fill out the questioner and submit it to me.

Once I receive your order, your personalize Hypno CD will be ready and shipped to you within 10 working days.