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  • Closeness & Intimacy In Our Relationships
  • Our Own Trust Issues
  • Trusting Our Partner, Trusting Ourselves Trust & Intimacy In The Relationship, Marriage

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  • Seeing Someone Else, Affairs, Infidelity
  • Emotional Avoidance Or Dependency In Relationships
  • Communication, Conflict & Empathy In The Relationship Or Marriage
  • Living Parallel Lives in The Relationship

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Vulnerability & Tenderness

Related Topic:

  • Have difficulties receiving or giving love
  • Fear any love we show will be unrequited
  • Try to control others, outcomes
  • Not recognise our own vulnerability in ourselves, yet see this, project this onto others
  • Be too proud to feel it, express it, believing we should be self-sufficient, struggling to ask for what we need
  • Become lost or stuck, especially stuck in our head
  • Numb our feelings, close off, shut down, bottle things up, put up rigid or barrier boundaries, emotionally abandon ourself
  • Fear being exploited, rejected or abandoned, get hurt or that it is too painful
  • Struggle to embrace ourselves with compassion & understanding for us & others
  • Become stressed, fearful, anxious
  • Keep ourselves busy
  • Try to hide this through our perfectionism
  • Become angry
  • Struggle to feel safe & secure
  • Want to have a healthy sex life

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