Hypnosis can help you

  • Is jealousy ruining your relationship?
  • Is there a way to stop being jealous?
  • Is your imagination out of control?

What if there is a way to get control easily. It is possible to stop being jealous.

Hypnosis may help you

Sometimes there seems to be good reasons for jealousy …

…many times there aren’t. When someone is experiencing jealousy for no real reason then their imagination needs training.

Stop Being jealous. Easily learn to control your imagination, rather than have it control you …

For it is the imagination that causes these feelings of jealousy. This can happen when people imagines partner with someone else. Now this does not have to be a thought of physical unfaithfulness. It can just be thought of someone smiling at your partner. It can be this simple. It often is. This can cause a whole host of problems associated with these jealous feelings. It can cause from anxiety and panic. It can result in anger when their partner simply looks at another person.

Then ‘being jealous’ can occur when, say, someone else gets promoted at work and you feel you should have got the job. Some people would call this envy rather than jealousy, but hey, what’s in a word? Or jealousy can rear it’s head when your neighbour buys a new hi-fi that’s better than yours.

These patterns of thinking, imagining, and subsequently feeling that we call jealousy are not only usually useless. They are also debilitating. However, hypnosis can really help you to stop being jealous.

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Jealousy Patterns

Jealousy occasionally causes the person to be withdrawn and moody. More often than not they end up in anger or even fury. Afterwards the person feels remorse. They often feel frustration with themselves. They are often irritated with their inability to control their thoughts and feelings. This can result in chronic anxiety. It can even result in full blown depression.


Does your partner live in fear of your outbursts of jealousy?

Often the person on the receiving end of jealousy is utterly surprised. They are bewildered by their partner’s response. Also, many people on the receiving end learn to live in fear of their partner’s outbursts. The ‘jealous’ person will often be repeating patterns of behaviour from previous relationships. That said, sometimes a person can get well into middle-age before the emotion rears its head for the first time.


Jealousy can be disastrous for a relationship

I use the models of NLP and hypnosis. I work to literally help to retrain your thinking. I help you to control and eliminate these unwanted ‘jealousy’ patterns.
I help you to stop being jealous

How long is it going to take to treat my jealousy?

By using this combination of hypnosis and NLP, the average number of one-hour sessions for the treatment of jealousy is 2 – 3 sessions

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