Hypnosis can help you remove mental blocks and self-limiting beliefs.

Empower yourself to achieve more.

Hypnosis is a process of taking control of the part of the mind of which we typically don’t have control – the subconscious mind. Using a systematic approach, we can help you to address habits, emotions, feelings, beliefs – basically everything that has to do with your current level of confidence and self-esteem.

Wouldn’t it be great to be really proud of yourself and confident of your abilities? Hypnosis can be your greatest tool for self-improvement.

Throughout our lives, we are told “no” many times, criticized by others, or just told we’re not capable of things we believe we can achieve. Our hypnotists can help you to reprogram your mind for success.

Your new, improved self-esteem will be the key to your success. Being confident and having a great self-esteem has nothing to do with being pompous or too proud. It’s about knowing your abilities and strengths – plus knowing how to turn your weaknesses into your triumphs.

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“An object at rest tends to stay at rest until an outside force acts upon it. And an object in motions tends to stay in motion until an outside force acts upon it.”

So how does this relate to the use of our mind ? ‘Overcoming the inertia of your mind….’

Creativity and Mental Blocks!

. You would be surprised – well maybe You wouldn’t, but some people are, at how many people use Hypnosis to become more Creative – to Release their Creativity from whatever is blocking it.

What types of Creativity has been helped in my Toronto office? I’ve worked with Actors, Musicians, Entertainers, Artists, Writers (they really want to get past that special Mental Block called “Writer’s Block” -same thing, they just have their own term), Public Speakers, Performers of all kinds!

What’s holding most of them back? Lack of Confidence, Doubt, Fear, Worry, Stress – they all contribute. And many times the person has been doing just fine, but it seems they wake up one day, and there the Block is – staring at them in the Mirror.

And then there are other types of Mental Blocks – the ones that cause Athletes to “choke”, whether on the football field, or on the golf course, or any other sport. And business people sometimes tell me Procrastination, or Indecisiveness, or even Fear of Public Speaking are huge Mental Blocks for them.

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