I help people cope with everyday problems in living, providing hypnosis sessions in English and Italian language.

You did the first step, this is the sign that inside of you there is a force that is searching for a change, discover yourself and be the person you want to be. A new beginning is starting now, and every day you will be getting better and better with yourself and your surroundings.

Get the best out of you, and live the life that you deserve.

I guide you step by step to your changes, I help thousands of people, now is your time for the good big change.

I use hypnotism with clients to motivate them to eliminate negative and unwanted habits.

Hypnosis releases the super concentrated power of your subconscious mind. It’s a state of physical and mental relaxation, which gently bypasses your mind’s critical consciousness, and allows your subconscious mind to remain open to helpful suggestions.

The techniques I use to make the changes for you, come from a wide variety of tools that I have been developed and learned doing this work, but always it is safe, and you are in control of the speed and progress of your change.

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Please be aware that if your particular issue is not listed on this pages, do not hesitate to contact me anyway

Anxiety – Depression – Addictions –Fears and Phobias – Blocks – Insomnia – Self-Confidence – Stop Smoking – Motivations – Weight Loss – Jealousy – Adolescent Issues – Concentration – Stress – Sexual Dysfunctions – Healthy Relationships – Childbirth & Pregnancy – Set & Reach Goals – Life Regression


Book you appointment and start to live your life, being the person you want to be.
Call: 604 202 7938



You can’t come to my studio because you live far away from us?

This is not a problem , I will come to you by Internet.
I conduct sessions around the world using Skype.

Your 1OO% Pure Hypno CD

You can request a personalized Hypno-CD just for your need.
The CD will contain powerful suggestions and reinforcement for your subconscious.
You have full control to accept and to use all those that apply to you at that moment.