Do you suffer from anxiety, is it impacting your life?

Have you tried to reduce or overcome anxiety with little or no success?

As an Consultant Hypnotist, I have helped many people with anxiety. I understand the impact of anxiety not only because of my work with clients, but also I have experienced severe anxiety in my mid-twenties.

Anxiety gets bad press, people don’t like it and they simply want it to go away and leave them alone. However have you considered that rather than pushing anxiety away there is another way to be with it?

Let me explain.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or panic about situations in life, money issues, work, or personal problems. It’s a fear of what may happen and once the situation is over the anxiety reduces and you feel calmer and more relaxed. However for some people the feelings of fear or anxiety continues and can impact everyday life.

Anxiety is simply a symptom of what is happening on an unconscious level, and incorporates your past experience, thoughts and self-beliefs about you, your future and the fear of the unknown.

I have had my fair share of anxiety over the years. Nearly fifteen years ago, in my mid-twenties anxiety and me were at war. Anxiety was ruining my life, impacting relationships, work and travelling.

We had this game anxiety and me. I would avoid it, ignore it, use food to try and block it out. But these wouldn’t help as anxiety came back stronger than before.

I tried different forms of therapy, but they didn’t help and anxiety kept on knocking on my door – loud and clear.

I discovered there is another way to be……to live…..

Anxiety is a symptom which represents our belief systems, thoughts, identity, and past experiences.

Anxiety is a perfect normal human response to what is happening to use, and around us. It can also be a sign that something is out of balance emotionally within you. One of the first step in learning how to manage anxiety is to accept it. This may not be aligned with your ultimate goal of eliminating anxiety but through acceptance, your focus, energy and attention can be used elsewhere and anxiety will not need to be so strong to get your attention.

Accepting anxiety helps you to feel calmer, more focussed on today, and relaxed.

What is the first step you can do to begin to accept anxiety? Nurture it, be compassionate towards it, change the way you speak to anxiety?

About Lazzaro

I am passionate about working with people who experience anxiety in their lives as I understand first hand how much anxiety can impact your life. I also know it is possible to break free from the anxiety which is holding you back and begin to live the life want.

As a Consultant Hypnotist I also integrate, coaching, mind and body connection and mindfulness in the work that we do.

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